How to Tie Fishing Knots

How to Tie Fishing Knots

Once you have figured out which rod and reel you’re going to use along with the hook you need to be able to tie them all together and that is where fishing knots come in.  Fishing successfully all comes down to how well you tied your knots.  The best tied knots don’t change the strength of the line but a poorly tied knot can ruin your line.  Knowing how to tie knots is not just for boy scouts, good fishermen know how to tie common fishing knots too.  So let’s go over some of the basic knots and how to tie them.

Commonly Used Knots

Trilene Knot: This knot is ideal for tying hooks to fishing line and it will keep more than 90% of the line strength.  You need to pass the line through the eye on the hook twice from the same side and leave a small loop. Take the free end and wrap it around the standing line 5 times and put the free end through the double loop.  Pull on the hook and the line and then trim off the edge.  Here is a visual to help you.

Palomar Knot:  The Palomar knot is another good option though not as strong as the trilene.  You are going to first fold the line against itself so that you have a double strand, next you want to push it through the eye of the hook.  Then you want to use it to tie an overhand knot leaving a big enough loop for the hook to go through.  Push the hook through the loop and tighten the knot by pulling on the double strand and the hook at the same time.  Trim off the ends.

Blood Knot:  The Blood Knot is used to tie one line to another and it will retain just over half its strength, not great but it will do in a pinch.  The first thing you need to is overlap the lines so that they are each pointing in opposite directions.  Take one of the lines and twist it around the other four times, bring the free end back and put it between the two lines.  Twist the other line the same way and bring it back through the same opening that is holding the other line.  Use a quick jerk to tighten and once again trim off the ends.

One thing to remember when trying to tie fishing knots is to moisten the ends with a bit of saliva before you pull it tight, this lessens the amount of friction and helps you get strong and tight knots.  All knots will loosen a bit so leave a little bit of trim on the edges.  Check your knots frequently when you are fishing and be prepared to tie them fairly often.